Thursday, March 18, 2010

Storytelling at it's FINEST!

A little peek at one of the half dozen or so comix that are criss-crossing my desk, "Doctor Werewolf VS. The Zombie Sadists!". I think I nailed a writer's award with the line "bluh".


mr gore said...

well it,s taken me about a month to track down you guys,, ,,my names jason i used to sing for gorerotted,, jak did the first two album cover,s,,,im in a new band now and am looking for a front cover for my new gore band called gorebound..the mini album is called it,s chopping time,,and would love if jake to do a cover piece,,i thought of the idea of zombies,scientists and anything else you can muster playing cards using fingers or body parts instead of chips,,

hope you can help,, jake,, let me no how much,, and hope to hear from you soon,,

all the best jason, (alias mr gore)

FUKITOR said...

Just got on here and saw this! Email me at