Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doctor Werewolf! (Plus a bonus pic!)

Finished the colors on the latest slab from "Doctor Werewolf VS. The Zombie Sadists!". As an added bonus, I've included an older pic from a comic I recently dug back out to work on again...yes, it's a BLIND DEAD comic!

Of course, I'll be away from here due to holiday responsibilities, but I'll be back soon with some more SLEAZE, CHEEZ, and FILTH!!!

update: hopefully pics are clickable now, something goofed earlier!


Devil Dick said...

sick and killer! soon as i get some loot ima hafta order some of these shits!!!

Luna said...

wicked stuff as usual man, now I wish I had a big mug o' Fuckin Tanked! sitting at a bar screaming "TITS!" as my damsel in distress is in an alley getting violated 8 ways from Sunday awaiting my rescue... which never comes!