Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reprints Fuckers!

After many requests and due to the new printing approach, all of the older issues are available again. It sucked up some drawing time, but they really do look good in the new laser quality.

So, in the right margin you'll see all the shit available to order. They're only available through me. I'm not gonna be sending any out to stores and will probably pass on any wholesale deals. It's a lot of work to just keep a small stack of each around.

Anyway, there it is. Have at it. I'll try my best to keep these around for awhile. It's actually fun to see them get the proper presentation after all this time.



cattleworks said...


Billy George said...

Got Mine today. I love your comix Jake! laughed so hard I almost threw up. I think I have everything youve done. The new paper is much better. Keep doing this stuff! Im a HUGE fan.

Angel Zapata said...

Got issue 1 and 2 in. They look amazing, man. Appreciate your sick works.