Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nazi Death Pit

This is technically an older image, but I don't recall slapping it up here before, so here ya go. I have lots of stuff still in the black-n-white stage that I'm anxious to get up, but the only reliable copy shop is a 45 minute drive, so I'm waiting until the pile is bigger (I don't color the originals). Anyway, this is the title page to the crazy WWII comic I keep posting random stuff from.


einkriem said...

good job dude, i wonder why you don't get a publisher for your comics, if you lived in the 60s you could be as successful as crumb. your style is very unique and pretty cool. im looking forward for more

FUKITOR said...

Thanks man! Being published would be cool, but I don't mind doing them myself. Maybe someday I'll wrangle some independent publisher to put out a compilation/trade paperback thing, who knows...meanwhile I'm always trying to improve the art in the hopes that they wouldn't be able to say "no", haha!