Thursday, October 23, 2014


Well, that was fast. As of today, the big book is back to a pre-order option only. They have sold out. Thanks to everyone who made that possible!

I've busted ass on orders this week and should have them all out by tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. Overseas stuff takes longer of course, but a lot of you here in the states will have your shit next week!

Thanks again fuckers! And I will update everybody as soon as I know more about availability of extra copies.


Robert Cook said...

If we pre-ordered weeks ago...will we be getting books, or will we have to wait for reprint of the book? (It's a drag if this is so, but I'm happy there's such demand for your irreverent and hilarious stuff!)

FUKITOR said...

If you ordered before today, you're good.

Robert Cook said...

I got mine a couple of days ago. It looks GREAT! Lovely to see the mayhem printed on white book makes the red so much more vivid! Awesome achievement, dude. Congratulations.